Amaya Set to Expand Selection of DC Comics-Inspired Casino Games

WSOP Ladies Event Now open to Men officially: For a cost

The battle was ongoing in the poker world for years: should women be privy to special tournaments only for them in an effort to encourage more to play the game, or does that philosophy reek of affirmative action, and both condescension and accommodation in a way that is unfair? a current decision by the World Series of Poker (WSOP) administration concerning the matter has drawn both applause and fire from poker players everywhere: for this year’s upcoming Ladies event, they are going to charge a $10,000 buy-in, but offer any women who play a $9,000 discount, bringing the particular buy-in right down to its normal $1,000 amount. Any males whom wish to barge in has to take action with all the full $10,000 bankroll during the cashier’s window, nonetheless.

Why the Discount Structure?

The move comes after years of handfuls of men playing the Ladies event, and WSOP’s arms being associated with keep them out, as that might be considered discriminatory under Nevada gaming law. Maybe Not unlawful, it appears, is offering discounts that are promotional certain events nonetheless, and that loophole is what WSOP has had advantage of using their ladies‘ ‚discount‘ for 2013. And while players may argue in regards to the relative merits of keeping a poker that is all-female alive, WSOP management is unequivocal in their intention to keep it an all women’s competition, or at least make it extremely expensive for males to pl „Amaya Set to Expand Selection of DC Comics-Inspired Casino Games“ weiterlesen